Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp : From Idea to Startup in Eight Weeks

Course Goals

At MIT Bootcamp, I worked with a team of 6 people on a solution that aimed at connecting Angel Investors and fundable Startups in Emerging Markets. The team consited of people from San Francisco, New York, Malaysia, Singapore & Dubai and some of my roles were :

  • Project definition and definition of communication process and project platform.
  • Life time value and Cost of customer acquisition evaluation, Business Model definition, Sales process and data acquisition investigation and definition.
  • Business Plan creation and Startup Pitch
  • Submission of assignments, Conflict mediation, and Technical reference for the bootcamp content.
  • Task and work distribution.

The bootcamp was a success and we were among the top teams to pitch the solution and receive a passing certificate from MIT.

You can read up on my experiences with the bootcamp down below :

My Experiences with the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Almost everyone has a new year's resolution and so did I.My new year resolution, while not exactly formed on the eve of New Year, was to become a better salesperson and get to know the business part of things that I do (which is software development).