Together, not the same!

From creating my GitHub account on the first tech meet up I attended over 3 years ago to 2400+ commits later, I couldn't really thank the community enough for their help in shaping my career and myself as a person. Learning anything new is no longer confusing, since there was always someone willing to mentor you and help you on it.

I'm actively involved with the tech communities in India and help them out by mentoring, attending and speaking at various tech meetups.

Google Developer Group New Delhi is the major community that I've been a part of since 2015. GDG New Delhi is also the largest Google Developer Group community across India and has events regularly on a monthly basis.

I'm also a part of FOSSASIA, which is Asia's largest Open Source organization working towards promoting Open Source and making Open Source software accessible to commom people and helping change their lives.

I'm also a speaker at Google's Mobile Developer Fest which is a program focused on promoting Android Development among University and college students. I've spoken there in the past on how this is the perfect time to be a Mobile Developer and how to make a career in the said field.