Tech Conferences

It's about people and places!

Having been to and spoken at tech conferences in 7+ countries (so far), I'm a huge event buff and chances are if there's a tech conference happening nearby, you will be sure to find me there!

I've been to numerous tech conferences some of the most notable ones being Google I/O 18, Makerfest, Google Developer Days India, FOSSASIA Summit 2018, FOSSASIA 2017, Google I/O 2017, etc.

The idea is to meet awesome people and get to know them more, you never know how your paths may collide in the future and it's possible that you may be benefitial to each other in one way or the other. Remember, shaing is caring!

In case you are planning on hosting an event and want me blabber there, do get in touch!

P.S. : I charge exorbitant amount of pizzas and swags as my fee, so beware 😎